High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese
Conceived and created by the High Muck a Muck Collective
Winner 2014 Digi BC Spark of Creativity Award
An Interactive Poem
Winner 2015 New Media Writing Prize
Take a gamble and enter through the Pak Ah Pu lottery card. Click on images to reveal poems, oral histories and short videos. The site can be explored in any order and for any length of time. Keep your sound on.
This collaboratively created website explores historical and contemporary tensions surrounding Chinese immigration to British Columbia, Canada.  It is the work of many artists, writers, designers, developers, community members and funders. Please see our credits page for complete information on the contributors.
He, his eyes sparkle, brown finger with long slim nail points to the green spot eight-spot
He laughs and his eyes glitter, water. 
and he smiles gold teeth as he takes his  lottery book out of an overcoat pocket
and slaps the worn pages on the cafe counter.